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Success Stories

Lawari Humanitarian Organization (LHO) have always prioritized humanitarian values & principals and committed to abide the same while reaffirming the similar values LHO DIK-III staff identified and addressed the issue of two brothers those clearly falls into the category of extremely vulnerable individuals (EVI).

These two brothers named Abbas Gul & Nisar Ahmed from Tiarza, SWA, are visually impaired and it was difficult for them to collect food by their self, they don’t have any close relative who could collect the package for them, & their kids were too young to collect food on their behalf.

These two brothers have congenital blindness, Abbas Gul gradually lost his eyesight in 2007, he has four young kids between the ages of 3 to 14, and while Nisar Ahmed used to work as labor and lost his eyesight in 2013 he has 3 sons between the ages of 9 to 3 years. Both families are facing lot of difficulties to make their both ends meet, & WFP ration package plays vital role to meet with their monthly food & nutrition needs.

Abbas Gul came to DIK-III hub to collect his own and his brother’s ration. LHO’s social organizer observed that he was facing difficulties while going through the food issuance process, he asked about his problems and assure him that he no longer need to wait in long queues and redress his problem by providing their food basket at their door step . LHO team visited their house and verified their problem. From now on

LHO team will drop their food package at their home.
Abbas Gul & Nisar Ahmed were grateful to WFP- LHO, those are helping them in this hard time and were hoping that WFP will keep on supporting them in future as well.

Ayub Khan s/o Nanki Khan is resident of Amargazai, Sararoga, SWA. He like many other TDP’s moved to Tank to find safe place for his family when Pak army started the onslaught in SWA. Ayub Khan was also in armed forces and got retirement as a Lance naik. As army was still operating in his area he preferred to live in Tank , loss of home in the war against terrorism was only the first of several misfortunes for him as when he moved to tank his home was rocked by strong blast which resultantly killed one of his son and Ayub and his wife were left seriously injured. Ayub khan not only lost his son in this incident but also had his leg amputated after that cowardly attack by miscreants.

Ayub came to DIK-III hub with plea that it’s hard for him to collect food because of his disability and he wanted that his relative Yar Muhammad S/O Piyao Jan CNIC: 21704-1151360-3 receive food on their behalf, LHO DIK-III team facilitated him on the spot by providing him immediate assistance considering him under EVI’s status.

Only thing he is satisfied at the moment is the help provided by WFP assisted by LHO. “I only visit this distribution point because I know I will be treated well and with dignity.” he said. He praised the rapid action taken by LHO DIK-III team to provide him assistance and was thankful to WFP for extending their efforts to give relief to EVI’s.