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Our Objectives

Organizational Objectives:

  • To promote justice based society by adopting and developing effective models and strategies through participation and indigenous resources mobilization.
  • To ensure sustainable development of society through developing ownership and harnessing of civic sense, by formation and strengthening of community based structures (including Legal entities, Jirga, Shura, Muslihati committees- Anjuman, NGOs, CBOs & WOs etc.) and strengthening of of existing structures.
  • To develop and improve welfare of the society through inclusive, innovative and participatory approach, by working in health, education, water supply, sanitation, protection, food security, livelihood and shelter interventions.
  • To improve development and welfare of the society by strengthening (capacity building, coordination, partnership, corporate responsibilities) institutions (government, Non government and corporate) contributing to effective service delivery.
  • To ensure availability of life saving basic needs to the disaster (Natural or Man-made) affected communities in country and build capacity of affected communities for rehabilitation, involving local actors.
  • To help build and promote a society where every individual realize their full potential with recognition and practice of their duties and rights by stimulating behavioural change and social transformation through sensitization & mobilization.