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Organizational Philosophy

LHO believe in a society which is Just, developed, sustainable and empowered. LHO will contribute to its vision through all kind of works which contribute to the development of an ideal society through efficient utilization and channelizing of resources.

LHO believe that it’s the people who have to be empowered and self-dependent to take care of their own society. For the purpose LHO will engage and empower the people to attain the development of an ideal society.

LHO believe in equality irrespective of skin color, race, gender, creed, nationality, religion, political affiliation to bring the disadvantaged at par with the others we believe in equity measures.

LHO aspire to become a national NGO that reflects and reveals an exemplary organization that is inspiring, healthy, innovative and effective and its associated professionals and others who share its vision pursue for jobs and feel extremely proud to work for.

LHO believe that people are its greatest asset that attracting, deploying, developing and retaining the right people in the right roles at the right time creates the best opportunity to achieve LHO’s mission. This demands insightful and skillful people leadership at national and local levels.

LHO will therefore seek to develop and model high quality governance, leadership and management that lead change well, bring out the best in people and value all people as unique and created in the image of God. Our people policies and practices will demonstrate our core values made real.

LHO believe that staff contributes their best when they feel valued, productive and engaged. We will therefore nurture positive relationships, create clear responsibilities and build sense of achievement; ensuring work is meaningful, stimulating and enjoyable, that LHO is a place where people thrive. 

LHO will find innovative ways to create organizational and team cultures that feel passionate, productive and fun, offering opportunities for personal and professional growth. LHO will celebrate learning and achievement and reward people fairly on the basis of their contribution.

It is believed that LHO is most effective as a whole when people, teams and regional/global entities work together collaboratively. LHO will therefore work to build partnership capacity through reinforcing interdependent linkages and developing processes and systems that improve efficiency.

LHO believe that organizational wisdom is a critical asset as we face an uncertain future. We will therefore reflect and pray, invite critique of our work, model a willingness to hear and improve, manage our performance and resources well and model transparency, accountability and trust that is also reflected in LHO organizational objectives.