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Message From Executive Director

Message from the Executive Director:

During 2015 LHO continued and expanded its interventions to respond to multiple natural and man-made disasters in various part of the country to cope with the needs of huge influx of IDPs as a result of military operation as one of the challenges the region has been facing since 2009. LHO extended its intervention to new districts of Peshawar & Nowshehra which is home to IDPs of diverse background. On the other hand, LHO, entered into return areas of SWA bridging the rehabilitation and relief phase on its way to the development of the conflict affected community. LHO assistance network to the conflict affected communities of FATA reached to 77,000 families i.e. 654,000 individuals each month. The year 2015 has proved to be a year of significant return of the IDP’s to their areas of origin after a prolonged emergency and years of highest recorded, state of displacement. Adjusting to the context and responding the evolving needs, LHO shifted its programs from emergency to early recovery in the return areas. Though, LHO achieved most of its targets in year 2015 and bridged the relief and early recovery phases successfully, with support of its partners but the rehabilitation and development of the communities looms large for the whole humanitarian and developmental sector. LHO has adapted a diverse strategy to cope and respond to the challenges ahead in years 2016 and we hope that LHO will be successful in materialization of its noble goal of development and sustainability.

LHO kept responding to needs of the disaster affected community and yet kept continued its journey towards the achievement of it holistic goal. Pakistan has not been at par to standard indicators of social, economic, political and cultural development. LHO continued its endurance to achievement of ideals through its different programs including women empowerment. LHO concluded “women political empowerment projects” with an impact of nullifying agreements barring women from election in Malakand division of KPK, Pakistan. LHO’s intervention resulted in the realization and materialization of polling rights of women. LHO’s 2016 planning will gives high value to continued.

Women empowerment by diversifying its strategies and channelization of resources. LHO’s consider sustainability and self-reliance as a pillar in achievement of its goal through its intervention. We believe that self-reliance is not a goal but the first step to cherish the fruits of development. This first step ultimately leads to the supreme human values of emancipation from want and deprivations. This value certainly gives a new energy to the human will to challenge the state of being disadvantaged. Vivid determination of LHO is well reflected in its planning strategies to evaluate the standards of human life in local communities with need and resources both. It is because of the dauntless efforts of LHO staff members that today the organization has developed a new pool of financial and human resources to increase its outreach. LHO is not keeping the value of self-reliance to its own framework but rather, being a Human and Institutional Development organization, it feels a strong responsibility to inculcate the importance of being self-reliant in the communities it is working with.

It gives me great satisfaction to report that despite many challenges LHO was able to achieve most of its objectives during the reporting period and continues striving to realize its organizational objectives. I am hopeful that with support from our partners we will keep on making progress towards the achievement of our collective goal “A Sustainable, Developed, Just and Empowered Society.